About a year ago we had a lot of water damage in our home due to a faulty washer install. By the time we discovered the error, we had a mess. American Cleaning & Restoration was awesome. They are VERY professional, skilled and thorough. They are available to address all concerns and capable of fixing everything. I would not hesitate to use them again. Hopefully I won’t have to, but if I do, they will be the ones to help me again.
— Chris (Carol Stream, IL)
“American Cleaning & Restoration is absolutely amazing. I found them thru my insurance company, USAA, so that endorsement immediately confirms their competence in my mind. On the phone, they are sympathetic, empathetic, and professional. After they have “talked you off the ledge”, they offer a plan to at least get the damage contained, i.e. water removed, damaged floor/wall/drywall cut out, etc. They arrived within hours of my initial call (couldn’t ask for more!), went to work and were extremely efficient and thorough; simply an amazing attention to detail and so understanding. They not only removed damaged areas, cleaned, they then disinfected the area with a spray! I offered them a cup of coffee and a cliff-bar but they were too focused to even stop for a break. They worked about 5 hours non-stop. An amazing work ethic. I can’t recommend this company highly enough. Fantastic. Simply fantastic. ”
— Patrick S. (Chicago, IL)
American Cleaning responded to our home within 90 minutes on a Saturday. They explained everything, and they put us at ease while they were hard at work opening walls and ceilings to get everything dried out. On the first day, they arrived at 830a and they were there until almost 8p. The technicians were extremely hard working and very courteous. They really went a long way to help us feel better.
— Terry (Itasca, IL)
The employees of American Cleaning & Restoration Inc. are responsive, professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. My project manager was always available by phone and very responsive to my needs; he helped a lot!
— Jamie B (Chicago, IL)
Chris and his team were the only company to 1) Take my call on the first try and; 2) Schedule a time to remediate my basement. The other companies (Service Master for example), took several calls just to get someone on the phone and they said “I was on the list” but still have not called me to check in, let alone set an appt. Chris and his team did a wonderful job getting my house cleaned up. His guys are pulling 17 hour days and it must be brutal - however, his team cleaned up my basement perfectly and very, very quickly. Again, I can’t say enough good things about American Cleaning and Restoration and its nice to see that someone’s got my back when disaster strikes.
— Bernie (Sugar Grove, IL)